Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our car batteries are freshly charged at our local plant without storage issues giving you a longer-lasting car battery.

The most reliable method is to refer to your car’s owner’s manual for the precise size and minimum requirements. Alternatively, you can identify the appropriate battery by considering your car’s model, the battery model, its production year, recommended size, and specific parameters found in the Battery Application Guide.

For a hassle-free experience, contact us for a free consultation by providing your car model.

Short drives, rough road conditions, and extremely hot weather can shorten your car battery’s life. 

Short drives do not allow your alternator to charge your car battery sufficiently and rough road conditions can loosen your car battery plates. Extremely hot weather increases your car battery recharge duration and builds up lead sulfate crystals.

If your engine cranks slowly and takes longer to start, it’s a sign your battery may be about to die. In case you find yourself jumpstarting your car more than three times a week, it’s time for a battery replacement.

No, you do not need to get the same brand as your previous car battery. Just take note of the car battery specifications for future car battery replacement.

Normally, people change their car battery when the car would not start but it is advisable to change it within 3-5 years.

There is no perfect answer on which brand is the best. It all depends on the car battery types and sizes, the reserve capacity, ample cold-cranking amps, the warranty period, lifespan, and the fit to your car model.

We exclusively offer Mayshowa Helios, Mayshowa Energy, and KOWA brands, all backed by cutting-edge Japanese and Korean technology. Our batteries are meticulously factory-charged in Malaysia, ensuring superior performance. With over two decades of experience in car battery manufacturing and distribution, our engineers apply their expertise and precision to every battery we produce. This results in longer lifespan, superior cranking performance, minimal fluid loss, and burst prevention.

We’ve been exclusively manufacturing and distributing renowned global car battery brands, such as Panasonic, for over 20 years. Leveraging our extensive expertise and knowledge, we’re confident that our brands outperform others, thanks to their freshly charged status in Malaysia and incorporation of cutting-edge technology from Japan and Korea. Notably, our Mayshowa Helios brand is proudly crafted in Japan. Every battery undergoes rigorous lab testing to guarantee superior quality, performance, and durability.

Our standard warranty covers up to 12 months or 25,000km, whichever occurs first. Please note that if the battery issue is not due to a manufacturing defect, but rather caused by problems like alternator or wiring issues, user abuse (e.g., leaving headlights on), the battery is not eligible for warranty.

Some brands may offer warranties exceeding 12 months, but most brands have a maximum mileage claim of 25,000km. This aligns with the typical annual mileage of a daily-use car

We provide jumpstart and battery replacement services. While battery charging is a temporary solution, it can be inconvenient due to frequent recharging. We recommend purchasing a new battery for better longevity and performance. Visit any of our outlets for a FREE battery inspection. Our specialists will assess your battery’s health and recommend a suitable replacement if necessary. We’ll deliver and install the new battery at your doorstep at no extra cost

We require up to 3 business days to conduct a comprehensive battery health check to ensure a satisfactory resolution to your warranty claim. Our technicians will inspect the battery to identify the root cause, whether it’s a manufacturing defect or related to factors like the alternator or wiring. If we complete the battery check sooner than 3 days, we’ll notify you in advance

Currently, we exclusively offer dry batteries due to their superior performance and convenience. Dry batteries require no maintenance, eliminating the need for regular water checks and top-ups. Our sealed batteries prevent leakage and degradation, ensuring a longer lifespan and enhanced durability. We do not sell conventional wet-type batteries

Freshly charged means the battery is fully charged at our factory in Malaysia before it is delivered to the customers or used in a vehicle. Unlike other batteries, they are charged from overseas and the charging voltage may be lost during importation. This means the imported batteries are no longer a fresh battery when it is delivered to the customers or used in a Vehicle.

We offer truck batteries for certain brand and model. For more information, please reach out to our sales representative at 011-1608 1608. We will assist you in finding the right battery for your truck.

Yes. You may claim the warranty in any of our outlets as the warranty is provided nationwide. You will only need to show proof of purchase which can be downloaded from our application.

How do I claim the warranty?
To claim your warranty, you have two convenient options:

On-site Warranty Service
Contact our Hotline, and our team will gather essential information such as your vehicle model, car brand, battery model, battery brand, car plate number, and current location. Our battery specialists will then inspect the battery health at your location. If the issue with your existing battery cannot be determined, we will provide a temporary battery for your use while sending the existing one to our factory for inspection within 3 days. If no defects are found, we will recharge your existing battery, and you can collect it at the designated outlet within 30 days. If defects are identified, we will replace your battery at no additional charge.

Walk-in Warranty Service
You can also visit any of our TukarBateri outlets during our operating hours, from 8 am to 5 pm every day. No charges will apply for walk-in warranty claims.

Yes, you can get a RM30 rebate from trading in your old battery

We will be introducing an installment plan in the future. Currently, only full payment is available.

We operate from 8am to 5pm every day. If you need our service outside of these hours, we can extend our operation hours depending on the availability of our battery specialists. Please contact our Hotline to check the availability and schedule an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Definitely. We can deliver and install the battery at your place without additional charge. Please provide us your current location and preferred delivery time and date. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
Please note that a service charge of RM50 will apply if our battery specialists diagnose that the issue comes from other factors such as alternator, wiring, etc. If the issue comes from the battery, our battery specialists will replace it with a new battery.

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Our battery specialist will arrive at your place and inspect the battery. Please provide us with your information regarding car model & brand, battery model, current location, etc.
Please note that a service charge of RM50 will apply if our battery specialists diagnose that the issue comes from other factors such as alternator, wiring, etc. If the issue comes from the battery, our battery specialists will replace it with a new battery.

The average lifespan of a car battery is 24 months or depending on the usage and driving Conditions.

TukarBateri only charges for the product you buy. Delivery, checking, and installation are free of charge!.

Yes, we still deliver when it is raining but you can expect a slight delay due to the weather and road conditions. You may cancel your delivery provided you have valid reasons by contacting our Call Centre and we can postpone the delivery at a better time.

You are advised to stay calm, stay put, and take precautionary measures. Make sure you put on your emergency signals and provide signage (if possible) 5 to 10 metres away from your vehicle to avoid accidents. 

You can also track our technician through our downloadable app on the App Store and Play Store.

Yes. Our technicians undergo various theory, practical, and on-the-job training. Our experts only qualify our technicians once they pass a strict assessment.

Yes. Feel free to contact us by calling our Call Centre or text us via WhatsApp to make an appointment. You can also opt for express delivery and free consultation when you contact us.

Yes, you can purchase the car battery for self-replacement only when you self-collect at our stores. Bear in mind that our installation and inspection are free with every purchase.

If your car breaks down for other reasons, our specialist will check your alternator and perform a jumpstart. You will be charged RM50 for visit charges and services.

You can contact us during operating hours using our Call Centre number, our WhatsApp number or via our TukarBateri app. The TukarBateri app is available on App Store and Play Store.

We want to provide you with the most reliable and comprehensive inspection of your car’s condition, so we can identify which component of the car has issue and advise you to have it repaired immediately. Our service charge covers various aspects of our service such as travel time, the use of battery testing tools and expertise required for our battery specialists to inspect the battery health.

We strive to reach your location as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of our battery experts. We have designed our operations to minimize delays. During heavy rain or thunderstorms, road traffic may be congested. We aim to deliver as promptly as possible while ensuring the safety of our battery experts on the road and ensuring the batteries are delivered in good condition

Our average delivery time is approximately 30 minutes. We make every effort to ensure a swift arrival while prioritizing the safety of both our battery specialists and the batteries we deliver. However, please be aware that unforeseen circumstances may occasionally impact our estimated arrival time. Factors such as traffic congestion, road accidents, or roadblocks can lead to delays. Rest assured that we continuously monitor traffic conditions and adapt our travel routes to minimize any disruptions.

We cover major cities such as Klang Valley, Senawang, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kota Bahru, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Ipoh and Penang.

Definitely. We offer delivery and installation without additional charge. We will deliver and install the new battery at your doorstep.

Aside from cash, we accept debit and credit cards payments as well as selected e-wallets. Get in touch with us to confirm your payment type. A selection can also be made after installation.

Yes. You can pay with cash, credit or debit cards, e-wallets or online banking on site. We do prefer cashless payment more.

All purchases made are due for immediate service and are non-refundable. You may cancel a submitted order and ask for a refund if you provide credible evidence proving either you are wrongly billed or other reasonable circumstances. Each cancellation is subjected to a case-to-case basis at our discretion.

If there is an order mistake, we will resend your order and cover the shipping fee,

For damaged or defective products, contact us at Please provide:

Your Name (as per Invoice)

Invoice Copy

Damage or Defect Details

*Damage or defects are subject to your warranty.

Yes. Simply visit our nearest outlets so that we can assist you. If you purchase via the TukarBateri app, you can look up your purchase in your purchase history.

You only pay for the car battery itself. Delivery, installation, and inspection are included.

 011-1608 1608 or Download our App
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