Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer established in 1953 with the aim of producing reliable and high-performance vehicles. Subaru is known for its all-wheel-drive (AWD) technology and its ability to handle all types of weather and terrain. Some popular models sold are the Forester, XV, and Outback. Subaru cars use car batteries from Mayshowa Battery, Kowa Battery, and Panasonic Battery, ensuring a smooth and efficient driving experience.

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Subaru car batteries usually use lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. The exact type of battery depends on the model and year of the Subaru car.
The lifespan of a Subaru car battery depends on various factors such as battery quality, vehicle usage, and maintenance practices. On average, a Subaru car battery can last for 3-5 years before needing replacement.
There are 2 types of batteries used in Malaysia. JIS Code (Japanese Industrial Standard) and DIN Code (DeutschesInstitutfürNormung). You can know the type and size of your car battery through this code on the side or on top of your car battery.  
You should replace your Subaru car battery when it has reached the end of its lifespan or if you experience problems such as difficulty starting the engine or a weak car battery. You also should change your car battery if your car battery is swelling with a bloated battery case. Need help? Contact us now.
You can replace your car battery yourself, but it is recommended to seek assistance from a qualified mechanic or technician if you are inexperienced with mechanical work.
The cost of replacing a Subaru car battery depends on the type of battery selected and the battery shop you choose to have it replaced. On average, the cost of replacing a Subaru car battery ranges from RM250 to RM400, depending on the type and quality of the battery selected. Get a car battery replacement service from us to get FREE delivery and installation.
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