M-1 Car Battery(55B24L)

As a popular car model in Malaysia, finding a replacement for your Honda CR-V car battery shouldn’t be a hassle. But, having too many choices also means having more chances to overspend your budget and get a Honda CR-V car battery that barely lasts two years. When you want to get a new Honda CR-V car battery, it is best to have a checklist on what to look out for.

Here is what we recommend you take note of when comparing your new Honda CR-V car battery in Malaysia:

  • The Honda CR-V Car Battery Size – The Honda CR-V car battery in Malaysia size may come in two separate sizes with one smaller than the other. The important thing is to ensure that whichever size you choose, it provides a perfect fit and does not interfere with other components in the engine.
  • The Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) – Most resources would say that the higher the CCA, the better but since you will be using your new Honda CR-V in Malaysia, a high CCA is not as crucial. This is because high CCA is the measure of how your Honda CR-V car battery performs in cold climates – which we don’t experience in Malaysia.
  • The Reserve Capacity (RC) – A high RC with a shorter minimum charge is the better indicator when choosing your new Honda CR-V car battery in Malaysia compared to a high CCA. A higher RC with a shorter minimum charge lets you store voltages faster in case of emergencies.
  • Special Features – Depending on the brand, your Honda CR-V car battery may come with several special features. These features are meant to make your Honda CR-V car battery last longer. We recommend you look out for burst or leak prevention features in your Honda CR-V in Malaysia so it can perform better on those ‘kampung’ roads.
Types of Honda CR-V Car Batteries in Malaysia

As mentioned, Honda CR-V car batteries in Malaysia can come in two different sizes. The first one is group 35 and the second one is the group 51R car batteries. The group 51R Honda CR-V car battery is physically smaller than the group 35 but as mentioned above, get one that truly fits your Honda CR-V to prevent excessive vibrations on Malaysian roads.

As for brands, here at TukarBateri, we have three main brands we would recommend to you. These brands are M-1, Kowa and Panasonic. M-1 is known for having high CCAs with Thailand’s standard manufacturing. Kowa has advanced Korean technology also with high CCA and our Panasonic is Japan’s standard. Our Panasonic car battery for your Honda CR-V also comes with special leak and burst prevention features.

Honda CR-V Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

The price for a Honda CR-V car battery in Malaysia basically depends on size, specifications and make. Based on the three recommendations above, the M-1 Honda CR-V car battery is the cheapest at RM210 and the Panasonic one is the most expensive at RM255. From this, you can see that a Honda CR-V car battery price in Malaysia tends to fall in the mid to high price range and for better value, we suggest you go for the Panasonic one.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Honda CR-V Car Battery in Malaysia?

When looking for the best deal for your Honda CR-V car battery in Malaysia, we have you covered. TukarBateri not only offers high-quality car batteries for your Honda CR-V but also the best overall experience for every purchase. When you buy your Honda CR-V car battery with us in Malaysia, you get complimentary free consultations, delivery, installation and periodic inspections at any of our stores within your warranty period.

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