M-1 Car Battery(40B19L)

Being one of the most popular car models by Honda in Malaysia, Honda City is never short for parts when it needs maintenance. This extends to changing your Honda City car battery once the one you currently have has already run its course. Of course, since it is such a popular model, the main question to ask is how can you get a Honda City car battery in Malaysia that is worth every penny?

Honda Accord maintenance works like other car models, with routine servicing according to a set schedule. However, one thing that would make a difference is when you first change your Honda Accord car battery in Malaysia following the manufacturer Honda Accord car battery model. You would have expected your next Honda Accord car battery purchase in Malaysia to perform as good as, if not better than the manufacturer version.

Types of Honda City Car Battery in Malaysia

A good thing about finding a Honda City car battery in Malaysia is that you are never short of choice. Panasonic, Kowa, M-1, and Amaron are some of the Honda City car battery brands you can find in Malaysia.  You might be tempted to buy the more expensive option especially if it comes from a well-known brand but that might not be the best choice in the long run.

There are three main criteria you should take note of when choosing your Honda City car battery in Malaysia – putting aside the brand and price tag;

    • The CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) – Normally, the higher the better but your Honda City car battery does not need a high CCA in Malaysia since it is rare for our weather to go below 26 degrees Celcius. You can put this as the least important criteria.
    • The RC (Reserve Capacity) – Compared to a high CCA, you would be better off having a high RC for your Honda City car battery in Malaysia. Having a high RC can help you if there comes a time your alternator breaks mid-drive and you need to go to the nearest workshop ASAP. RC is a measure of how fast your car battery is charged within a set amount of time for reserve.
    • Leak/Burst Prevention – It is rare for a Honda City car battery in Malaysia to have these kinds of features. If you come across a Honda City car battery in Malaysia with one or both features available, you should choose it since it is better at preserving your Honda City car battery’s lifespan.

Now that you have a starting point, you might be wondering how much a Honda City car battery that checks all these criteria can cost you.


Honda City Car Battery Price in Malaysia

Compared to other car batteries, a Honda City car battery price in Malaysia tends to be in the middle to higher price range. A high-quality Honda City car battery price in Malaysia can be as low as RM210 and as high as RM300. For your Honda City car battery in Malaysia, we highly suggest you go for a Panasonic 46B24L car battery that will cost you RM255. This Honda City car battery gives you not only high CCA and RC but both burst and fluid loss prevention features for a longer lifespan.

If you are looking for good savings, we suggest you go for an M-1 55B24L. This Honda City car battery gives you a high CCA and RC but without the extra features available in the Panasonic 46B24L Honda City car battery. The M-1 55B24L car battery is priced at RM210, the lowest price range for a Honda City car battery in Malaysia at our stores.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Honda City Car Battery?

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You can get in touch with us simply by clicking the call button or the WhatsApp button on the left side of this website. For better service, feel free to download the TukarBateri app on App Store and Google Play where you can not only contact us but also make your purchase, track your Honda City car battery, and more. Get the best Honda City car battery with us now!

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