Panasonic Car Battery (DIN55L)

As an owner of a Proton X-50, you might have a few concerns whenever you decide to buy a new car battery replacement. The worst-case scenario is you bought a new Proton X-50 car battery that messes up the whole system since your car is fully electrical. The best-case scenario – you end up with a high-quality Proton X-50 car battery that lasts as long or longer than the original car battery.

When choosing a new Proton X-50 car battery in Malaysia, here are the things you need to look out for;

  • The right Proton X-50 car battery size – Proton X-50 car battery size normally belongs to a larger size group.
  • The right Proton X-50 car battery voltage – Normally, the amount of voltage in a car battery is parallel to the size so you should get the right voltage once you get the right size.
  • An appropriate Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) value – When looking at the CCA value for your Proton X-50 car battery, the rule of thumb is the higher the better. 
  • A high Reserve Capacity (RC) value – Getting a high RC is a good investment in the long run because the better and faster your Proton X-50 stores reserve voltage, the better your car functions during emergencies.
  • A practical Proton X-50 car battery special features – The special features you should consider are the ones that can prevent leakage and corrosion such as burst or leak prevention.
Types of Proton X-50 Car Battery in Malaysia

The types of Proton X-50 car batteries in Malaysia are normally grouped based on size, brands, and either low-maintenance or maintenance-free. After filtering your choices based on size, our specialists would normally recommend brands with maintenance-free Proton X-50 car batteries. Maintenance-free Proton X-50 car batteries do not need extra handling such as refilling the acid volume with water and normally last longer. It does tend to be a bit pricier.

Proton X-50 Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

Proton X-50 car battery prices in Malaysia tend to be on the higher side due to the larger battery size. You can expect to spend around RM300 or above for a new, high-quality Proton X-50 car battery in Malaysia. Our specialists would recommend the KOWA DIN55L and Panasonic DIN55L Proton X-50 car battery. Each comes with high CCA and RC. They are priced at RM300 and RM370 respectively. The Panasonic Proton X-50 car battery is pricier at RM370 because it comes with both burst and leak prevention features.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Next Proton X-50 Car Battery in Malaysia?

When looking for a reputable place to get your new Proton X-50 car battery in Malaysia, TukarBateri is your place to be! As Malaysia’s No.1 Car Battery Service Provider, not only do we give you the best, high-quality car batteries, but your experience with us also counts. Every time you give us a call, you get;

  • Free consultation on the best car battery for your Proton X-50
  • Free delivery to your current location
  • Free installation via delivery and in-store
  • Free inspection anytime within your warranty period

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