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1. Manufacturing Defect Warranty is 12 months or 25,000 km whichever comes first for petrol passenger vehicles, or 6 months or 20,000 km whichever comes first for commercial or diesel vehicles.

2. Please call 016-301 4111 for warranty service if found battery not working. Our staff could provide you with the location of your nearest claim centre.
When making a warranty claim, you are welcome to drop by our designated claim centre as per our list. Drop by at our designated claim centre to perform warranty claim is free of charge.

3. Shall the customer opt for on-site warranty claims, the customer will be charged RM50 visit charges. If the customer refused visit charges, we reserve the right to reject upcoming visit requests.

4. Warranty service will be provided at best effort within 5 workings days.
A temporary battery will be provided while the problematic battery is sent back for factory inspection.

5. Upon notification, the customer is advised to collect the no defect re-charged battery within 30-days. Uncollected re-charged battery after 30-days from the notification date is considered voided and terminated.

6. New battery will be replaced for the customer to replace the temporary battery if found the problematic battery is indeed a manufacturing defect.

7. For a vehicle that is being left more than 14 days without the engine is being started for the alternator to charge the battery, the jumpstart requested will be charged for RM50.00.

8. Please be advised that battery discharged/damaged caused by vehicle alternator issue, or wiring issue, or forgot to switch off lights, or long storage without starting, or improper use of electrical accessories, or user abuse, or any issues not related to a battery manufacturing defect are not covered under warranty.
For eligibility of battery warranty, customers shall be responsible to maintain the proper and sufficient charging of the battery by ensuring vehicle alternator/wiring at proper working condition.

9. We reserve the right to reject warranty claims for improper vehicle engine/wiring modifications not certified by the vehicle manufacturer.

10. If a battery is found discharged (not defective) due to user problems/abuse during a warranty service visit, our technician shall perform a jumpstart and allow the vehicle to recharge the battery.

11. shall only be responsible for the warranty coverage of the car battery sold by shall not be responsible for any issue arising from the vehicle or the vehicle warranty as it is entirely customer decision and consensus to install a higher or lower specification battery.

Please be advised that any further system reset (if required) after battery replacement is to be carried out by customers at their service centre at the customer’s own cost.

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