M-1 Car Battery(55B24L)

When it comes to longevity, Honda Accord has stood the test of time with newer buyers choosing to buy the latest model if their previous ones are already unsalvageable – or simply to be up-to-date. Most of the time, your Honda Accord can last long, up to over 300,000 kilometres with proper maintenance. 

Honda Accord maintenance works like other car models, with routine servicing according to a set schedule. However, one thing that would make a difference is when you first change your Honda Accord car battery in Malaysia following the manufacturer Honda Accord car battery model. You would have expected your next Honda Accord car battery purchase in Malaysia to perform as good as, if not better than the manufacturer version.

Types of Honda Accord Car Battery in Malaysia

Being a household brand, the Honda Accord car battery in Malaysia comes in different types. Some Honda Accord car battery service providers even offer options for you to so-call “upgrade” your Honda Accord car battery but this might not be the best choice for you. This is because these “upgrades” to your Honda Accord car battery normally include changing the battery plates which can affect your car engine system if done incorrectly.

Choosing the right Honda Accord car battery type in Malaysia is important not only for the longevity of your Honda Accord but also for safety reasons. Typically, a Honda Accord car battery in Malaysia can be differentiated based on its group size and specifications. 

If you choose the wrong group size for your Honda Accord car battery in Malaysia, your Honda Accord may be at risk of having battery-related problems such as underperformance, corrosions, leakage and etcetera, especially with Malaysian roads and weather conditions.

Honda Accord Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

Depending on the brand of Honda Accord car battery, the price for a Honda Accord car battery in Malaysia may differ. But typically, Honda Accord car battery prices in Malaysia fall into mid-range prices from RM 170 to RM 300.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Honda Accord Car Battery?

When looking for a Honda Accord car battery in Malaysia, look no further. Just entrust your Honda Accord car battery to us. Here at TukarBateri, we have a few different brands that best suit your Honda Accord. 

For instance, we highly recommend Honda Accord users in Malaysia to get the M-1 Car Battery (55B14L) priced at RM210. The specifications are suitable to replace your current Honda Accord car battery and are made to suit Malaysian roads.

If you are interested to look for other options, our services are available for you. You may contact us via phone at our call centre, shoot us an email, message us via WhatsApp, chat with our live agent on our website or even reach out to us using our TukarBateri App. 

Our team can help give you the best recommendations for free and arrange for your Honda Accord car battery delivery as soon as possible. Expect complimentary inspection and installation along with your free Honda Accord car battery delivery when you purchase with us.

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