M-1 Car Battery(40B19L)

As one of the most enduring Malaysian car models, you would notice that your Perodua Kancil car battery’s lifespan might not be the same as another’s. This can be caused by two things – how well you take care of your battery and whether or not you have done some modifications. If you modified your car battery to use either a smaller or larger battery, you might unknowingly force your Perodua Kancil car battery to “work harder”.

That is why getting the right car battery is important when you are looking to replace your current Perodua Kancil car battery.

Types of Perodua Kancil Car Battery

The first thing you need to know is the actual size of your Perodua Kancil car battery. This should be the original manufacturing size that you can find in your manual. The type of Perodua Kancil in Malaysia is always categorized based on size and then by brand. Specific Perodua Kancil car battery specifications are then differentiated by product model. 

When looking for your next Perodua Kancil car battery, most Malaysians tend to rush into buying the one with the highest cold cranking ampere (CCA). A high CCA is the measure of efficiency when you live in a cold climate but not as necessary in our Malaysian climate. You should look for a high reserve capacity (RC) instead since the faster your Perodua Kancil car battery charge, the better. That way you can at least still drive over short distances should your car battery parts malfunction.

Perodua Kancil Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

Since your Perodua Kancil car battery size is on the smaller side, the price range for a Perodua Kancil car battery in Malaysia tends to be on the lower side. Our main recommendation for you would be one of these three brands; M-1, KOWA, and Panasonic. Each of these Perodua Kancil car batteries is priced at RM185, RM195, and RM235 respectively. 

For optimum performance, you should go for the Panasonic battery since it comes with leak and burst prevention features that help extend your Perodua Kancil car battery lifespan.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Next Perodua Kancil Car Battery?

At our stores, you can be reassured that every Perodua Kancil car battery that you purchase is brand new and of high quality. As Malaysia’s No.1 Car Battery Service Provider, you can expect to be treated like kings from the moment you engage us until you return for your next Perodua Kancil car battery.

For every engagement and purchase, you can expect;

  • Free consultation on finding the right Perodua Kancil car battery with the best value
  • Free delivery at major cities in Malaysia
  • Free installation whether by delivery or at our nearest store
  • Free inspection anytime within your warranty period at any TukarBateri branch in Malaysia

Simply WhatsApp or call our call centre to start your TukarBateri experience. You can even download our TukarBateri app on the App Store and Google Play for a quicker, more convenient service.

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