M-1 Car Battery(70D23L)

A big car doesn’t need to be a big problem for you. Making sure your Proton Exora is in tip-top shape can be a financial challenge. Out of all the maintenance requirements for your Proton Exora, your car battery should be the least of your problems. Your Proton Exora car battery should last you around two to three years and sometimes more provided you bought the right car battery in the first place. 

But if you do come to a point where you need to find a new Proton Exora car battery in Malaysia, it all boils down to knowing what to look for in your next car battery.

Types of Proton Exora Car Battery in Malaysia

When it comes to finding the right Proton Exora car battery in Malaysia, first you need to make sure you get the correct group size. Finding the correct Proton Exora car battery size ensures that your car battery fits the plates perfectly and minimizes vibration when you’re driving across Malaysian roads. After you’re sure of your Proton Exora car battery’s group size, you can then decide whether you want to go for a dry cell, wet cell, gel or absorbed glass mat (AGM) car battery.

Our experts would always recommend you to go for anything but the wet cell Proton Exora car battery. Dry cell, gel, and absorbed glass mat (AGM) car batteries may cost more in Malaysia but they are maintenance-free. As for brands, we would recommend going for either M-1, KOWA or Panasonic Proton Exora car batteries brands. These three brands are not only high-quality but they are also charged in Malaysia.

Proton Exora Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

As mentioned above, M-1, KOWA, and Panasonic are the three brands we would recommend to you. In general, the price for a Proton Exora car battery in Malaysia tends to be on the pricier side mainly because the car battery belongs to a bigger group size. Our shops offer you a Proton Exora car battery priced at RM280 for the M-1 car battery, RM305 for KOWA, and RM340 for Panasonic.

For the best value, get our Panasonic 70D23L battery priced at RM340. This Proton Exora car battery gives you a high CCA, Japanese standard manufacturing, zero maintenance with fluid and burst prevention features. These special features can help extend your Proton Exora car battery’s lifespan, especially on rougher Malaysian roads.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Next Proton Exora Car Battery in Malaysia?

When looking for your next Proton Exora car battery in Malaysia, our team at TukarBateri can give you the best value and experience with every purchase. As Malaysia’s No.1 Car Battery Service Provider, whenever you engage with us, you are entitled to;

  • Free consultation for the best fit for you Proton Exora
  • Free delivery at selected states in Malaysia
  • Free installation wherever you are or at any of our stores
  • Free inspection anytime within your warranty period

You can reach out to us via WhatsApp, at our call centre or by downloading our TukarBateri app.

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