M-1 Car Battery (55B24R)

When it comes to your Proton Persona car maintenance, you would of course think of more crucial things such as your engine, your motor oil, your absorber, and other parts. More often than not, your Proton Persona car battery’s maintenance is the last thing on your mind – especially since you only need to replace them once every two or three years. But then, if you forget about your Proton Persona car battery, there is a chance that you will get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

That is why knowing the signs when you should replace your Proton Persona car battery is important. Typically, you can start to consider looking for a Proton Persona car battery replacement when;

  • You notice your headlights are dimmer than usual – this can either be one of two things, either your bulbs need replacement or your Proton Persona car battery is running out of juice.
  • You have difficulty getting your Proton Persona started – on a normal day, it shouldn’t take you two or three times to ignite your car. The problem can be either your alternator or your car battery, so best to go to your nearest workshop.
  • Your Proton Persona’s battery icon in the dashboard lights up – if you see this icon flashing, you might be experiencing problems with your Proton Persona car battery. This may be because your Proton Persona car battery is not charging properly or there is a broken component.

More pressing symptoms include you having to jump-start your Proton Persona more than twice a week and you notice dark, almost translucent liquid right underneath your car – where your car battery should be placed. Make it a point to arrange for a car battery check-up as soon as possible.

Types of Proton Persona Car Battery in Malaysia

Once you have come to a point where you do need to replace your Proton Persona car battery, you might be wondering which car battery is the best for you. As a rule, your Proton Persona car battery in Malaysia normally comes with a maintenance-free or low-maintenance option. A low-maintenance Proton Persona car battery is normally a wet cell battery that you need to refill with water every once in a while. A maintenance-free Proton Persona car battery in the meantime does not need any of these. 

Other than that, the types of Proton Persona car batteries in Malaysia are normally grouped based on size, brand, cold cranking ampere (CCA) value, reserve capacity (RC) value, and voltage. The easiest way to narrow this down is to know your Proton Persona’s car battery size – which you can find in your manual. Next, look for a high CCA and RC. Brands normally offer different warranty periods, hardware specifications and special features to make your Proton Persona car battery last longer.

Proton Persona Car Battery Price in Malaysia

If you are looking for immediate purchase of your new Proton Persona car battery, the good news is that the price range in Malaysia tends to be mid-range. You can get your new Proton Persona car battery from RM200 to RM260, tops. Our specialists at TukarBateri would suggest you go for either our M-1, KOWA, or Panasonic Proton Persona car battery, each priced at RM210, RM230, and RM255 respectively. Each of these car batteries are made for Malaysian roads and weather conditions with high CCA as well as RC.

For the best value, we recommend you go for the Panasonic 46B24R Proton Persona car battery priced at RM255. This particular car battery comes with leak and burst prevention features that can help your car last longer.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Next Proton Persona Car Battery in Malaysia?

There are many reasons why you should purchase your next Proton Persona car battery with TukarBateri but most importantly, it is because you can expect us to give you;

  • High quality car batteries
  • Free consultation with every call
  • Free delivery wherever you are
  • Free installation and inspection

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