M-1 Car Battery (55B24R)

Proton Wira is one of the most enduring local car models in Malaysia and as an owner, you should have known the best way to maintain your car. When it comes to the cost, the most pricy single maintenance you need to do would have to be for your Proton Wira car battery. Luckily, most Proton Wira car batteries can last anywhere between two to three years on average.

However, this depends on healthy driving habits. Your Proton Wira car battery can drain faster if you;

  • Always do short drives – short drives do not allow your Proton Wira to charge completely so it can shorten its lifespan.
  • Always forget to turn off your headlights or any electrical car appliances – this habit makes your Proton Wira car battery drain so fast, that you might have to jump-start your Proton Wira the next day.
  • Always leave your car unattended for more than three days at a time – this makes your Proton Wira car battery have to “work harder” in charging your car and draining it faster.
  • Always have to use “rough” Malaysian roads – this can make your Proton Wira car battery vibrate or shake, causing corrosion from the leaked acid.

Now, another thing that can help prolong your Proton Wira car battery’s lifespan is, of course, the car battery itself.

Types of Proton Wira Car Battery in Malaysia

When you are buying your next Proton Wira car battery in Malaysia, go for reputable brands that produce maintenance-free car batteries. A low-maintenance Proton Wira car battery such as a wet cell normally requires you to refill the acid inside with water now and then. If you forget, then it shortens your Proton Wira car battery’s lifespan. Maintenance-free Proton Wira car batteries do not have this problem.

Proton Wira Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

On average, maintenance-free Proton Wira car battery prices in Malaysia tend to be pricier than a low-maintenance car battery. The brand, Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) value, Reserve Capacity (RC) value, and incorporated special features affect the price of a Proton Wira car battery in most Malaysian stores. At TukarBateri, we only sell high-quality Proton Wira car batteries from reputable manufacturers that come with high CCA and RC. 

The three brands we would recommend to you are M-1, KOWA, and Panasonic. M-1 and KOWA Proton Wira car batteries are priced at RM210 and RM230 respectively. Both Proton Wira car batteries come with high CCA and RC. Our Panasonic Proton Wira car battery in the meantime is priced at RM255, the priciest among the three brands. The Panasonic Proton Wira car battery comes with high CCA, high RC, leak prevention and burst prevention. For the best value, go for the Panasonic one because the special features can help prolong the battery’s lifespan.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Next Proton Wira Car Battery in Malaysia?

Aside from only giving you high-quality car batteries for your Proton Wira, TukarBateri also aims to give you the best service experience when you engage with us. Every time you reach out to us by WhatsApp, call, or through our TukarBateri app, you are entitled to;

  • Free consultation – where we would recommend the best brands for your next Proton Wira car battery based on your budget
  • Free delivery – where we deliver your newly purchased Proton Wira car battery wherever you are
  • Free installation – where we would install your new Proton Wira car battery when we deliver them or when you visit our nearest store
  • Free inspection – of your purchased Proton Wira car battery whenever at any of our stores within your warranty period

At TukarBateri, you get both high-quality products and the best service experience with a simple call, message or app purchase. Contact us now!

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