Toyota Camry Car Battery in Malaysia

Getting a replacement car battery for your Toyota Camry should not be a financial nightmare. To avoid overspending on your new Toyota Camry car battery, it is important to know what to look out for. TukarBateri specialist would normally recommend you to look out for these three features when filtering out your new car battery replacement;

  • Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) – CCA is the measurement that tells you how well the car battery functions in cold weather. Typically, a high CCA is better but it also tends to be pricier.
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) – RC is the measurement that tells you how much reserve voltage your car battery can store within a set period. A higher RC means your battery can store more reserved voltage that can be utilized during emergency situations.

Special Features – Most mid to high-end car batteries often come with special features that increase the car battery’s lifespan. Some examples of these features include reinforced battery casing, reinforced coil technology, and many more.

Types of Honda Jazz Car Battery in Malaysia

If you need a new car battery for your Honda Jazz, many stores in Malaysia offer a lot of options for you. The good news is that these offers are typically for only one size. You might be offered to opt for a bigger battery size with small alternations to your Honda Jazz car battery tray but this is not always the best choice. A bigger tray can affect other parts in your engine and the bigger car battery might not give you the most optimum charge for your Honda Jazz or might even overcharge it.

A Honda Jazz car battery in Malaysia is normally differentiated based on brands, CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) value, RC (Reserve Capacity) value, and special features such as a leak or burst prevention. When choosing a new Honda Jazz car battery in Malaysia, we would recommend you go for a car battery with moderate CCA, high RC, and one or more special features. 

Types of Toyota Camry Car Battery

Car batteries for Toyota Camry are normally divided into their acid features; low-maintenance or maintenance-free. Low-maintenance car batteries such as a wet-cell require you to refill them with water or other forms of liquid every now and then. A maintenance-free car battery needs no maintenance. Examples of maintenance-free car batteries are dry cells, absorbed glass mats (AGM), and gel car batteries.

Price Range for Toyota Camry Car Battery in Malaysia

The price range for a Toyota Camry car battery in Malaysia depends on three criteria; the brand, the battery size, and the specifications. On average, the price range of a Toyota Camry car battery is RM210 to RM340. At TukarBateri, we highly recommend you go for either;

For the best value, go for the Panasonic 70D23L since it comes with burst and leak prevention features – it helps your car battery last longer.

Why Choose TukarBateri?

All of our car battery options are stored, charged, and maintained in-house. Additionally, as Malaysia’s No.1 Car Battery Service Provider, every time you engage with us for a new car battery, you will receive;

  • A free consultation on which car battery to buy with the best value prices.
  • A free car battery delivery wherever you are within 30 minutes.
  • A free Installation no matter when you choose our delivery option or in-store.
  • An unlimited free inspection at any of our stores within your warranty period.

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