M-1 Car Battery(75D26L)

When you are looking to buy a replacement for your Toyota Alphard car battery in Malaysia, it is best to know how to choose one that can give you the best value. The problem is, when you do need to replace your Toyota Alphard car battery, it is when your car cannot start anymore. Then, you have to squeeze your monthly budget or buy a low-quality Toyota Alphard car battery. 

To avoid this, you can take note of the early signs your Toyota Alphard car battery is starting to run out of “juice” such as;

  • Your Toyota Alphard headlights getting dimmer
  • Your warning light symbol on the dashboard is one
  • You find dark or translucent liquid under your Toyota Alphard
  • You have to jump-start your Toyota Alphard more than twice 

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is time to start browsing for your new Toyota Alphard car battery.

Types of Toyota Alphard Car Battery in Malaysia

The first thing you want to look out for when you are browsing for a new Toyota Alphard car battery is the type of car battery. There are generally two types of Toyota Alphard car batteries in Malaysia – low maintenance or maintenance-free. Low maintenance car batteries such as wet cells require you to “top-up” the liquid inside once every few weeks.  This is not needed for maintenance-free car batteries such as dry cells.

Next, you need to know your Toyota Alphard car battery’s group size. You can find this in your Toyota Alphard manual or simply ask your car battery specialist. After that, you can decide on the brand and specifications you feel will suit your needs.

Toyota Alphard Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

Toyota Alphard car battery prices in Malaysia tend to be higher since it belongs to a larger group size. Most brands would offer prices from RM250 and can reach up to RM400. If you engage with us, our specialist would normally recommend either our M-1 75D26L, KOWA 85D26L, or Panasonic 85D26L maintenance-free car batteries. All of them come with high cold cranking ampere (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC). They are priced at RM295, RM315, and RM350 respectively. High CCA will make it easier for your Toyota Alphard to start in cold weather. High RC stores battery faster so you can at least drive to the nearest workshop during an emergency.

For the best value, go for our Panasonic 85D26L car battery. Not only does it have high CCA and RC, but it also comes with special features that can help increase the battery life.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Next Toyota Alphard Car Battery in Malaysia?

As Malaysia’s No.1 Car Battery Service Provider, our team at TukarBateri aims to give you the best experience when you buy our high-quality Toyota Alphard car batteries. Every time you call or WhatsApp us, you will get FREE;

  • Consultation – our specialist can recommend the best choice for you based on your budget
  • Delivery – our specialist will send your newly purchased Toyota Alphard car battery wherever you are
  • Installation – every installation is free either in store or at your location
  • Inspection – drop by the nearest TukarBatery store to inspect your Toyota Alphard car battery whenever you want during the warranty period

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