8 Reasons to Consider Amaron Battery

When it comes to car maintenance, let us be honest – car batteries are normally the last thing we think of. Simply because car batteries tend to have a longer life span compared to other parts of your car. You might be more aware of an oil change, or tyre change, in comparison. Even tuning your engine and your car alignment probably takes more precedence. The ‘why’ is simple, we take car batteries for granted even when it is crucial for the basic function of your car – getting it to start. You might only start considering changing your battery when your car is slow to start or even died in the worst-case scenario.

Since you tend to put car battery change on the back burner, it is safe to say that you might have a lot to think of when it comes to choosing your next car battery. Car battery prices tend to go over the RM200 mark so you would want your next battery to be cost-effective. With all the different brands out there, how on earth do you make the smarter choice?

Have you heard of Amaron Battery?

One brand that has started to gain traction in Malaysia since it entered the market back in 2016 is Amaron. Amaron is an Indian brand and is known to be one of the most prominent ones in its homeland. The company, Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) has become one of the largest car battery manufacturers in the Indian Ocean Rim. In Malaysia, there are typically four lines of Amaron Battery available which is then separated by the model that differs in size and capacity to better suit your car model.

The four Amaron Battery types are;

  • Amaron GO
  • Amaron HI-LIFE
  • Amaron PRO
  • Amaron DURO EFB

The car battery price for Amaron units in Malaysia ranges from RM230 to RM270 depending on the type and model.

Why Should You Go for Amaron Battery?

Now, the million-dollar question – why should you go for Amaron Battery in Malaysia?

  1. High Cranking Power

Amaron Battery is known for having a high cranking power. Take Amaron GO NS60LS (46B24LS) for instance. It boasts a Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of 295, which is above the average line for a typical car battery CCA. What this means is that your Amaron Battery can adapt to cold temperatures better. A car battery typically performs better in a warm climate so being able to handle cold climates is a mark of good climate adaptability.

  1. High Heat Tolerance

Due to Amaron Battery having a higher CCA and can handle cold temperatures better, it should be able to handle a warmer climate. This makes Amaron Battery a great choice for our Malaysian weather – especially during the downpours we get in Malaysia from time to time.

  1. Minimized Corrosion

A special feature for an Amaron Battery is its patented Silver Plate Technology. What this feature does is minimize the corrosion in your car battery. With this, your Amaron Battery is a lot safer than other brands out there. After all, car battery corrosion is one of the reasons you might be having car battery problems way ahead of its lifespan and it is often why your car dies unexpectedly.

  1. No Leakage

Besides car battery corrosion, another possible reason for your car battery troubles is leakage. The problem with car battery leakage is, it can affect other components in your engine especially the connection wires close to it. Not only that, car battery leaks acid which is extremely dangerous for your body. Amaron Battery comes with patented BIC vents that prevent leakage.

  1. Vibration Resistance

The thing about the design of the Amaron Battery is that it allows vibration resistance. Why is this feature on Amaron Battery important? Vibrations can cause cracks on the cell separators, connectors and plates inside your battery. It damages your car battery. Considering the roads in Malaysia can be quite geographically challenged – Amaron Battery being vibration resistant is a great added feature.

  1. High Reserve Capacity

Amaron Battery offers a minimum reserve capacity of 45AH, which is quite high for a car battery. What this means is that it works better in providing your car with electricity should your car charging proves to be insufficient or faulty. While CCA is an indicator for short electricity bursts, your reserve capacity is important for a longer period. So, if for some reason your car is not charged properly, you still have sufficient backup to make it to your nearest service centre to have your car checked.

  1. Long Life

We touched earlier on how a car battery is always placed on the back burner because it should not require constant upkeep. Amaron Battery has a long life that comes from providing a better way to take care of your car battery. This comes from the accumulation of the reasons provided above combined with Amaron Battery’s patented Silver X alloy that allows it to last up to 60,000km or more with good care.

  1. Zero Maintenance

Did you know? Amaron Battery is the first car battery brand that introduces a zero-maintenance capability. Amaron Battery waives your need for car battery maintenance be it charging, component replacements or other maintenance needs. An Amaron Battery also leaves the factory fully charged so you can rest assured you get a high-quality product from the get-go.

Where Can You Buy Your Amaron Battery?

With all the reasons provided above, you might be wondering where you can buy your original Amaron Battery. This is where TukarBateri comes in. TukarBateri is the No.1 Car Battery Service Provider in Malaysia. We are capable of providing you with an original range of Amaron Batteries that best suits your car.

Additionally, when you buy your Amaron Battery from us, you get;

  • Free Delivery – We deliver the Amaron Battery to you whenever, wherever in 30 minutes.
  • Free Installation and Inspection – We help install and inspect your battery for free.
  • No Hidden Charges – Only pay for your Amaron Battery, no additional or hidden charges.
  • Long Warranty – You get a 30,000km or 18 months warranty on your Amaron Battery for private vehicles and a 20,000km or six months for your commercial or diesel vehicles.
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