Car Battery Inspection

A car battery is probably one of the most important components in your car. The general health of your car depends on regular battery replacement and maintenance. A car battery not only keeps your car running but protects you and your family safe while on the road.

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Purposes of a Car Battery

Car Battery not only provides electricity to your car’s electrical circuit, but it also aids in the start-up of your vehicle’s engine when you turn the key in the ignition. As your vehicle’s central power reserve, your battery charges and takes energy from your engine to power numerous aspects of your vehicle as it runs.

How to Spot a Broken Car Battery

A faulty or failed car battery is quite simple to identify. If you suspect your car battery is failing, don’t wait to have it checked out by a professional. The following are some of the symptoms of a failing car battery:

  1. A sluggish engine: If your engine takes a protracted time to start or heat up, you might need to consider a battery replacement.
  2. Unusual cranking sounds from your car: If you hear strange cranking sounds from your vehicle while driving, it’s possible that your car battery is failing or setting out to corrode. A rusty car battery is hazardous to other components under the hood, so the twig should be replaced immediately.
  3. Your car’s ignition flickers before turning on: If your car is slow to start within the ignition region and you’ve got to do it several times before your engine goes on, your car battery may be flat. Time to change the car battery!

Why You Should Regularly Inspect Your Car Battery

Car Battery inspection has to be done regularly and it is advisable to seek a professional’s advice on what quantity of life your battery has left. Inspecting your car battery can help detect cracks and damage before they are converted into full battery leaks, saving time and money. It also helps to keep the battery clean and properly connected in between battery replacement.

How to Inspect Your Car Battery

Along with regular car battery inspections by an authorized automotive professional, you ought to learn the main way to inspect your car battery by yourself.

These include:

1. Visually inspect the car battery.

Look at your car battery physically. If it’s leaking, appears very rusty, or looks crusty and covered in dust, it is time for battery replacement by seeking a professional’s help to change the car battery.

2. Drive your car.  

Go for a spin in your car and try turning the car on and off several times.  If on any of the days you’ve trouble starting the ignition or hear a ticking noise, you ought to pay close attention to the condition of your battery.

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