Car Battery Prices

  1. Tips for Choosing a Car Battery
  2. Car Battery Care Tips

The topic of car battery prices is currently the most discussed. Car batteries with various variations affect the price of the battery. The price of car batteries will fluctuate depending on several factors such as economic, technological, and market factors. In addition, some factors influence changes in battery prices.

Some of these factors include:

  1. Demand and Supply: The reasonable price of car batteries affects the level of demand and supply in the market. If there is a significant increase in demand, the price of batteries is likely to rise. Conversely, if battery supply increases, prices are likely to fall.
  2. Technology: The use of battery manufacturing technology can affect prices. Modern and advanced technology can reduce production costs and increase output, indirectly leading to a decrease in battery prices in the market.
  3. Market Competition: There are many competitors in the market offering reasonably priced and quality batteries. When there is more battery competition in the market, it can result in price reductions to monopolize the market.

However, to make a battery purchase, consumers need to be aware of information and battery quality before making a purchase. Here are some tips for choosing a car battery before making a purchase.

Tips for Choosing a Car Battery:

  1. Battery Price: This is a critical factor when choosing a car battery. Especially when it’s in the middle of the month and you need to replace the battery. Choosing a cheap battery might seem tempting, but it may not necessarily last long. It’s recommended to survey the type of battery that suits your car before making a decision.
  2. Battery Specifications: Choosing the right battery specifications for your car is crucial. Every car owner should know the size of the battery used by their car. Battery size information is generally provided in the car manual. However, if you have made modifications to your car, the battery size may need to be changed depending on the modified accessories’ usage.
  3. Battery Quality: High-quality batteries ensure the durability of the car battery. Using high-quality car batteries is crucial for the optimal functioning of a car since the battery is among the essential components. It’s important to know that your car battery is a new one. Older batteries may not function well due to weakened chemical fluids. Additionally, check whether the battery has been fully charged to avoid hidden charges from the supplier.
  4. Battery Warranty: Ensure that the purchased car battery comes with a warranty. A longer warranty is essential for two main reasons. First, if there is any damage to the battery, you can go to any battery shop or replace the car battery at a low cost or, for some suppliers, for free. Second, a longer warranty also indicates the supplier’s confidence in the quality of your chosen car battery. A longer warranty does not necessarily mean a long duration but also includes the mileage of the car.

Car Battery Care Tips:

  1. Check Battery Voltage: A good car battery should have a reading of 12.5v to 12.6v. You can check the car battery for free at TukarBateri outlets to ensure the battery’s optimal use.
  2. Regularly Check Battery Terminals: Battery terminals tend to rust, chip due to acid, and rust. To ensure the car battery is always in good condition, ensure the terminals are clean. Use a mixture of water and baking soda to clean the terminals thoroughly. Doing so can maximize the lifespan of the car battery. Also, avoid using any grease on battery terminals to prevent inefficient battery terminal connections.
  3. Warm Up the Car Engine: If your car is rarely used, the car battery’s performance will decrease, resulting in the car battery running out before its time. You can start your car for at least 15-20 minutes to “recharge” your battery.
  4. Check the Battery Insulator: Ensure that the battery cover, which acts as protection against engine heat, is in good condition. Car batteries exposed to excessive heat will shorten the battery’s lifespan. If it is damaged, you can replace it with a new battery cover.
  5. Use a High-Quality Car Battery: High-quality batteries should come with a warranty, usually up to 12 months or 25,000 km. With the use of an excellent electrical system and battery, the car battery’s lifespan can extend up to 2 years or more.
  6. Deactivate Electronic Systems: If you stop for a rest, it is advisable to turn off all electronic systems in the car to prevent a weak battery and difficulty starting the engine later.

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