Research has shown that Panasonic Car Battery is proven to provide a Double Life Cycle compared to an average battery life cycle. It is inarguably the top-selling battery brand in Japan. With Japanese car manufacturers continuously upgrading their quality, Panasonic has aimed to meet shifting demands with their own technologies. A wave of car battery evolution has risen more powerful than ever since then.

Nowadays, looking for a car battery is no longer difficult since many other brands also offer basic to high-end products in the market. Panasonic products’ energy development is supported by new technologies such as fast-charging ability and the simultaneously charged-setting for two cars. If you are a user looking at product quality, Panasonic Car Battery is probably one of the best-rated choices for you.

If you look at Panasonic Car Battery, the first thing you notice will be its packaging. All information about the brand, the product line, capacity, place of manufacture, and precautions for use is printed clearly, especially the standard power of the targeted-charging vehicles, making it easy for customers to find and select the right product for their beloved cars. 

The Panasonic Car Batteries being distributed in the market are recommended for passenger car use with a modern lifestyle. Among the key highlights of Panasonic Car Battery is that they are using Japan Technology that is trusted by car makers, Panasonic also uses ‘Burst Prevention Vent Plug’ for all maintenance-free batteries. This prevents bursts from external sparks. Besides that, Panasonic Car Battery also uses ‘Special Filter’ and ‘Special Sticker’ to prevent as much fluid loss as we can.

You may refer to the below schedule for Panasonic car battery specifications:

Below are some guides for more effective usage of Panasonic Car Battery for those who would want to consider buying them:

  1. How much do you use your car?

Because the car battery directly affects the vehicle’s operation smoothness, it is important to acknowledge its life cycle to avoid the car stalling in the middle of the road. If regular maintenance is done on the right cycle, the service life can be extended.

2. How is the overall climate in your area?

Panasonic Car Battery is designed with Silver Alloy coating to strengthen the battery for high temperatures. It also extends battery life by increasing heat endurance and controlling electrolyte vaporization from gas generated. Since the weather in Malaysia is quite high. This is what makes the Panasonic the ideal car battery type for your car.

If you wish to purchase a car battery that has the best quality, Panasonic Car Battery is definitely your choice. You can contact TukarBateri at 011-1608 1608 to purchase a new car battery for your beloved car. We will deliver, inspect your battery and install the new one to your car for free! You only need to pay for the battery.


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