The Highest Demand Car Battery Brand in Malaysia

There are many types of car battery brands in Malaysia market that have been proven effective for their quality.

There are high-demand car battery brands in Malaysia:

Brand: Amaron car battery

  • Known for their longer lifespan
  • Extended warranty 18 months / 30k mileage
  • Silver Plate Technology for reducing battery corrosion and safe & leakproof.
  • Suitable for Malaysia local cars

Brand: Panasonic car battery

  • High performance – longer lifespan
  • High heat endurance – Silver Alloy Coating can extend battery life and control electrolyte vaporization from gas generated – suitable for Malaysia weather
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty car battery due to the grid technology for both plates which makes them light and robust.

Brand: Varta car battery

  • Power-frame technology
  • Higher reserve capacity
  • Made for higher-end car vehicle brands

Brand: Mololite car battery

  • Made to withstand hot and humid climates
  • For ultra-heavy-duty vehicle use
  • Well-designed for diesel-powered vehicles

So which car battery you should decide to get?

It really depends on your budget, but it is not the wrong decision for you to spend more on a car battery. There is no such thing as “the best car battery is absolutely the “X” brand is so good! It lasted for 4 years straight” Nope! A car battery’s lifespan depends on and how well you maintain them even though it is a maintenance-free car battery. I am trying to say here that you should regularly switch on the engine even if you are not going anywhere to allow it to be charged. If you failed to do so, most probably as time goes by it will kill the car battery and shorten its lifespan.

The best way is to check your car battery life percentage with professionals to know that the car battery is healthy. After the diagnosis, if your car battery happens to be in bad shape, you should consider getting a car battery replacement. With TukarBateri we offer free car battery delivery to your place. We also provide free service for car battery inspection and installation. Head over to our social media platform for the latest updates on our promotions. We apply the “worry-free” concept to our customers because our battery riders are professional. They have attended strict training before they are finally accepted to be TukarBateri specialists.

Our company has reached 10+ years of experience in the industry which means we understand your needs for high-quality car batteries and services. Our specialists are trained to help you get the best value for your car battery with top-notch services from delivery to installation and even free consultation. Our products are always the latest in production and deliver superior performance. You never have to worry about inconsistent car battery charging with us.

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