Panasonic Car Battery (DIN75)

As one of the newer car models, you typically would not have to worry about getting a new Proton X-70 car battery at least for the next two to three years. Sometimes more if you have healthy driving habits. But when it is time for you to get a new Proton X-70 car battery, how can you buy one that gives you the best value – especially when it can cost you RM200 and above in one single purchase?

Types of Proton X-70 Car Battery in Malaysia

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the type of Proton X-70 car battery you want to invest in. There are typically two types of Proton X-70 car batteries in Malaysia; low-maintenance car batteries and maintenance-free car batteries. These two types are then segmented into different size groups and manufacturing brands. 

A low-maintenance Proton X-70 car battery is cheaper than a maintenance-free one. This is because with the low-maintenance Proton X-70 car battery you will need to “top-up” the liquid inside the battery once every other week. A wet cell car battery normally belongs to this group. Meanwhile, the maintenance-free Proton X-70 car battery can run by itself without needing any intervention on your side. As for size, the Proton X-70 car battery belongs to a bigger size group manufactured by a majority of renowned brands such as KOWA and Panasonic.

Proton X-70 Car Battery Prices in Malaysia

As mentioned, a maintenance-free Proton X-70 car battery price in Malaysia is pricier than a low-maintenance car battery. You should expect to spend around RM300 and above for a new, high-quality Proton X-70 car battery. The two brands we would recommend to you are our Panasonic DIN75 and KOWA DIN75 Proton X-70 car battery. Each of them is priced at RM360. For best value, go for the Panasonic DIN75 Proton X-70 car battery since it comes with both burst and leak prevention features.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Next Proton X-70 Car Battery in Malaysia?

When you do need a new Proton X-70 car battery, why not drop by our stores? At TukarBateri, we aim to give you both the best, highest quality Proton X-70 car battery and an experience that makes you keep coming back. As Malaysia’s No.1 Car Battery Service Provider, we aim to give you;

  • The best consultation for every visit for free
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  • Quick, hassle-free installation in stores and at your location
  • A free routine inspection at any store, any time, within the warranty period

Simply send us a PM using WhatsApp, give a call to our call centre, or download our free TukarBateri app. We highly recommend you download our app since you can directly purchase and keep track of every transaction. It makes it easier to redeem your free inspections and request reimbursement should your Proton X-50 car battery underperforms. After all, your overall satisfaction is what we aim for.

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