M-1 Car Battery(40B19L)

As one of the most enduring models, Honda Jazz typically does not need pricey services or auto-parts replacement within the three-year mark. Beyond your typical bi-annual tune-up you can maintain your Honda Jazz with smart budgeting. But there is one thing that can set off your budget, the moment when your Honda Jazz car battery needs to be replaced.

Luckily for you, you won’t have to worry about this every year. Maybe once every two or three years, sometimes up to five when you take proper care of your Honda Jazz car battery in Malaysia. There are five things you can do to achieve this;

  • Always turn off all electrical appliances in your car, especially your signal lights, headlights, and radio as well as make sure no devices are plugged in when you turn off the engine.
  • Always make sure that your car is started at least once every three days for at least ten minutes. If you are not able to, you need to at least charge your car for 30 minutes or go for a drive whenever you can.
  • Always try to avoid constant short drives. Short, five minutes drives are not good for your Honda Jazz car battery since it doesn’t let your car battery charge appropriately.
  • Avoid parking your car under direct sunlight for long periods, especially with Malaysia weather. Constant exposure to heat for long periods can shorten your Honda Jazz’s car battery lifespan.
  • Always check your Honda Jazz’s car battery condition once a month with a voltage checker to make sure it is in optimum condition. If the voltage is higher or lower than 12 to 13 volts or higher than 14.5 volts with the engine running, you might need to change your Honda Jazz car battery.
Types of Honda Jazz Car Battery in Malaysia

If you need a new car battery for your Honda Jazz, many stores in Malaysia offer a lot of options for you. The good news is that these offers are typically for only one size. You might be offered to opt for a bigger battery size with small alternations to your Honda Jazz car battery tray but this is not always the best choice. A bigger tray can affect other parts in your engine and the bigger car battery might not give you the most optimum charge for your Honda Jazz or might even overcharge it.

A Honda Jazz car battery in Malaysia is normally differentiated based on brands, CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) value, RC (Reserve Capacity) value, and special features such as a leak or burst prevention. When choosing a new Honda Jazz car battery in Malaysia, we would recommend you go for a car battery with moderate CCA, high RC, and one or more special features. 

Honda Jazz Car Battery Price in Malaysia

One product that can offer you all of these and with a high CCA is our Panasonic 38B19L car battery which is priced at RM235. It comes with both fluid loss and burst prevention. If you find this a bit pricey, you can also go for our M-1 and KOWA car battery priced at RM185 and RM195 respectively. Each of these Honda Jazz car batteries comes with high CCA and RV but without any of the special features.

Why Choose TukarBateri for Your Honda Jazz Car Battery in Malaysia?

Aside from getting a high-quality Honda Jazz car battery with long warranties, when you buy with us, you will also get the best services from Malaysia’s No.1 Car Battery Service Provider. The moment you call or WhatsApp us, you’ll get;

  • Free Honda Jazz car battery consultation
  • Free Honda Jazz car battery delivery
  • Free Honda Jazz car battery installation
  • Free Honda Jazz car battery inspection within your warranty period

Have your Honda Jazz car battery delivered anywhere in Malaysia now!

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